Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Connected Educator Month - Educamp Smackdown on Air

On Monday night we finally landed into Tauranga and bussed down to Rotorua.  We spent time stuffing envelopes for the Ulearn14 delegates and catching up with our CORE whanau.  
At 7pm we gathered online to take part in the Educamp Smackdown on Air Google Hangout.  
What an incredible chance to share the MAGIC of educamps and promote the two upcoming educamps in Dunedin and Nelson on Saturday the 18th of October.  


Monday, October 13, 2014

MAGIC in the deep south

After a stunning two days at home it was an early start today to get to the airport, pick up a rental car and head south!  
What a day!  I had the pleasure and privilege of spending time with amazing educators, spending the afternoon in class with HUGELY motivated learners, then facilitated a staff meeting that was WOW!
Cap that off with a walk up the river, dinner at Route 6, work online and you have an idea of the MAGIC in my day!  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

...and yet more Ulearn MAGIC...

Soooo much MAGIC in the entire day today, from sun up right through to the wee small hours... Can't wait to blog it properly, but for now... 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ulearn MAGIC

Committed to blogging everyday of October #cenz14... Today, first day of Ulearn = MAGIC....

Much more to say tomorrow I hope... 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PLN in your pocket

Today we shared a workshop at Ulearn Mobile...
A PLN (personalised learning network) in your pocket - Become a connected educator.

Do you wish you could carry the expertise of the ULearn presenters around in your pocket and keep them at your fingertips long after the conference has ended? Well now you can!

Karen will share the importance of being a Connected Educator and then Catriona and Anne will help you set up your own PLN (personalised learning network) to connect with educators from the conference and beyond.

Join us on a facilitated journey through a range of tools to connect your professional learning.
Explore social networks like Twitter and the VLN, a look at blogging, how to use a news feed to funnel the best content to you and curations tools for keeping your resources organised.

By the end this session you will be set up for the rest of the Ulearn conference and ready for Connected Educator Month.

Storify of tweets:
Awesome session with MAGICAL educators!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Woohoo - here we are on Monday the 6th of October - flying to Ulearn14 for f2f MAGIC in the midst of the online MAGIC of Connected Educator Month. 

What a turbulent start - when the pilot announced that we were heading for 'rock n roll' I wasn't quite prepared for the absolutely whirl of arrival into Christchurch. I was not at all keen to reboard for the next flight up to Rotorua... but so far so good.

So heading to #Ulearn14 it is time to set myself some goals:
  • Be in the moment;
  • Be calm;
  • Find joy (MAGIC) in all that I do;
  • Share our learning journeys in our session:
    • Connected Educator EduCampNZ Smackdown - online tonight 7.30 - 8.30pm
    • PLN in your pocket - Ulearn Mobile - f2f and online tomorrow 9.30-12 
    • Online Communities - Ulearn14 - 1.30 - 2.45 Wednesday
  • Facilitate/network/connect as part of the CEM social media team;
  • Continue to participate in, share and tweet sessions from CEM;
  • Connect with known peeps;
  • Meet and connect with new peeps;
  • Celebrate at the various dinners this week;
  • Celebrate the MAGIC of #Ulearn14

aghghghgh This is the first time I have ever had my sick bag at the ready!
This is the first time I have ever wanted out mid air... The pilot has just told us he has been unable to locate any smooth air and I can see we are just over Wellington.  It is going to be a looong flight yet.  Where is the JOY in this Brendan?  I will ask you when I next see you - where do you find joy when all around you seems to be in turmoil?  I obviously do need to develop some strategies for coping with this… I think I need to find a place to go to find an escape from the turbulence… 

Agh – maybe I have found the start to this journey in a reading I have opened shared earlier today by Ewan McIntosh… http://www.brainpickings.org/2014/09/29/sam-harris-waking-up-meditation/

And just when we thought it was calming… the pilot advises that the cross wind at Rotorua is too high for us to land and Hamilton isn’t looking much better… so with enough fuel on board we are circling Rotorua for 40 minutes then it is off to Hamilton or Auckland… Another exciting adventure for us indeed!

…and unbelievably I only have 10% power left on laptop… so not much more to share at this stage… Currently hovering over Rotorua… but looking likely to divert to Auckland at this stage….


Worst experience in living memory….

Landed in Tauranga on second attempt... Safe... shaken...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Connected Educator Month Smackdown on Air

Tomorrow morning I am flying to Rotorua for Ulearn14.  Tomorrow evening 11 educators from around New Zealand are sharing snapshots  to help you build your PLN.

Are you joining us?

"Connected educators have been networking and learning via#EduCampNZ since 2008. We’re celebrating Connected Educator Month with a Smackdown on Air. EduCampNZ participants from across New Zealand will be sharing some of their best recommendations for building your professional learning network and ideas for organising your own local events.

#EduCampNZ Smackdown on Air

Tomorrow, 6 October, 19:30
Hangouts On Air – Broadcast for free
Fiona GrantJustine HughesMonika Kern + 50 others going to watch
Are you going to watch?
Invite more

Saturday, October 4, 2014

CEM - Connected Educator Month - catch up on Launch Week Events

Woohoo - Saturday the 4th of October and I have the opportunity to catch up on a couple of Launch Week activities that I was not able to be present at!  It really is MAGICAL to have everything rewindable!

What an incredible start to this amazing month, reaching out, connecting, collaborating, networking.  How incredibly surreal it feels to connected with educators around New Zealand and the world. 

I have had the incredible privilege of attending the New Zealand Literacy Association Conference in the beautiful Tauranga this week, hearing from many incredible educators, and being particularly impacted on by Ewan McIntosh and Brendan Spillane.  My thoughts today and are an intricate blend of my face to face and virtual sessions.  Deepest in my thought is the need to 'slow down' and be in the moment, noticing the joy.  I am almost embarrassed to share that for the first time ever I found deep joy in my housework.  Not only in the results of the shine and gleam, but in the time in took and the time to mull over my learnings this week.  Joy in housework is something I never even thought existed.  

Highlights from the first three days of October are numerous:
  • Wonderful launch week sessions - all fully rewindable;
  • Face to face with educators;
  • CORE whanau sessions online and face to face;
  • Twitter embracing many new educators who are sharing the MAGIC of becoming connected;
  • Christchurch Educators http://chched.blogspot.co.nz/ showcasing a blogpost each day;
  • The reach of Connected Educator Month already;
  • The challenge for us to actively embrace and connect others...
Very, very exciting times.

I also managed to catch up on #teachmeetnz asynchronously:
Which is blogged about here: 

Fabulous day....

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connected Educator Month - Blogsync


Working towards a blog post to share on blogsync space.

‘What it means to be a connected educator’ – my learning life online, and how being connected has affected my work in education."

What a privilege to take time to reflect on my learning life online.

Really appreciating the thoughts of Karen  Melhuish Spencer and Chris Waugh

  • Be confident and comfortable with own view
  • Share and be aware of the value of my story
  • Anecdotes (ANNEcdotal... new blog title....???)
  • Personal take
  • Add to the conversation and discussion
  • Share my personal dimension
  • Less is more  <=>
  • Making visible an insight into our personal journey
  • Personal response is welcome - words, multi media - any medium that works for author
  • Welcome gentle dissonance - warm yet challenging
  • Step up and make visible our thinking...
Uber excited to be a part of this...  Once blog post is complete - tweet to  or hashtag #blogsync

Topics for the month:

Week One: 1 October – 10 October: ‘What it means to be a connected educator’ – my learning life online, and how being connected has affected my work in education.
Week Two: 13 October – 17 October: ‘Diversity and inclusive practice’ What does this look like for us as Educators? For us as learners?
Week Three: 20 October – 24 October. ‘Leadership in schools’ – Modern leadership? leading change? leading with moral imperative?
Week Four: 27 October – 31 October: ‘Student agency and voice’ Making students’ contribution meaningful, giving it agency.
Really looking forward to this!  Who is joining in?
Here is a link to the recorded session!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Connected Educator Month is HERE!!!

Woohoo - October the 1st, 2014 and the dawning of Connected Educator Month! 

Events for October 1, 2014

What a smorgasbord...

As I casually mentioned today, the challenge is going to be keeping it real - keeping it doable.  There is just such an incredible wealth of connecting opportunity!  Do a little and do it well might need to be my mantra!

Today I am committing my personal goal to my blog.  Alongside the sessions I have already committed to for CEM I am challenging myself to blog daily.  However big or small, I plan to commit a few thoughts to my blog to instil the habit of daily blogging. 

Today has been a truly MAGICAL day, the final day of the #nzla2014 conference.  The closing keynote was Brendan Spillane and yet again he touched my heart and my soul and challenged me to be a lot more at oneness, at peace, at quiet, and still with myself.  
Leaving the conference we did just that, we went to the beach.  We ate lunch on the beach at Mount Maunganui.  It really is good for the soul to take time to be still and notice joy all around.  

Later in the day, flying home I was able to share moments of wonder and joy with a fellow passenger as we were mesmerised by the changing sky.  

Moments of MAGIC or JOY in today..
St Mary's Tauranga Students entertain us with their Jump Jam

Celebrating the MAGIC and generosity of NZLA support for Samoan teachers

Lunch at the beach... just being at one with nature

Time with friends - JOY in being with friends

Conquering crazy fears - fear of flying in a small plane

Enjoying flying in tiny plane - enjoying the front window view

MAGICAL sunset

Heading home

Monday, September 29, 2014

#nzlac14 New Zealand Literacy Association Conference - Surfing the Literacy Wave

The true MAGIC of Twitter…
Today I have been on holiday with my girl in Wellington for a girly time at WOW and shopping.   While we were brunching at Floriditas I received a tweet from Matt:

I checked the #INF536 trying to source my involvement and it seems to be Masters Papers. And it seems to be something co-ordinated by Ewan McIntosh.

Later in the day I was on Facebook and Shared a link from Ewan McIntosh about 4 level questioning..

So, can you imagine my surprise when I walk into koru for a brief stopover in Auckland before my flight to Tauranga when I see Ewan Mcintosh… Feels kind of surreal to see someone you have been seeing online during the day, face to face when I didn’t even know he was in the country.  Turns out he is flying to Tauranga for the #nzlac14 New Zealand Literacy Association conference to keynote and present. 

We chatted over the link to my vimeo clip in Paper 6, Primordial Spaces of his course.  Very surreal day eh!

As we chatted, we discovered that it really isn’t so surreal.  If you are connected and networked, the chances of bumping into those you know are increased significantly.

So, on the eve of Connected Educator Month I will spend the day at Bethlehem College participating in #nzlac14 

Let's see how many educators we can connect with and sweep into the MAGIC of #cenz14 Connected Educator Month!