Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Te Reo Puāwai Māori - Weather - Twitter - sharing....

OOOOOhhh what a wonderful link for me...
What better way for me to increase my reo than tweeting weather phrases on my instaweather photos... 

Tweet one sent....

Now for an instaweather addition... maybe this could become a daily challenge for myself... tweeting in reo....

Te Reo Puāwai Māori - Topic 1.6 - Te Reo o te kaiako - the language of the teacher

Working on my pronunciation, trying new ways to memorise karakia.

Week six, and this week I am beginning a new journey of taking a phrase to use each week, to commit to use in reo. I am ready for the wero, challenge. 

So many fabulous phrases here…. 

This week I am going to commit to using a range of greetings:
I am familiar with and regularly use:
Tēnā koe                          Hello (to one person)
Tēnā kōrua                       Hello (to two people)

Tēnā koutou                     Hello (to more than two people)

Kia ora                             Hi
Mōrena                            Good morning
Kei te pēhea koe?            How are you? (to one person)
Kei te pai                         Fine

I really need to practice using: 
Ata mārie                        Good morning
Ahiahi mārie                   Good afternoon
Pō mārie                         Good evening - Goodnight
     ... tamariki mā                ... children
     ... e tama mā                   ... boys and others
     ... e hine mā                    ... girls and others

Te Taura Whiri, Māori Language Commission - Promoting Positive Attitudes to Māori Language in the Classroom

As I progress with this course I am increasing in confidence. I am aware of opportunities and seizing opportunities to practice. I love the way this course is structured to give us multiple opportunities to practice my kupu. It is awesome to see many options for using digital tools for practicing. I have used puppet pals, adobe voice so far and am keen to explore further. 

My favourite phrase at the moment is tino pai rawa atu, and I am actively seeking opportunities to acknowledged awesomeness.

I do still have many challenges. I am aware of many opportunities that I am missing to use reo. We are now including karakia and whakatauki in our sessions and it is great for us to open our sessions. 

I am noticing surprise when I use kupu, and grasp opportunities to discuss the journey I am on. I am also noticing that I can pick out more spoken reo now and I am excited about the possibility of understanding more and more. 

To consolidate my learning, I think it is going to be essential for me to automate key kupu and use these regularly. It is also going to be necessary to keep adding new phrases and challenges. I am keen to revisit all of the modules and I am very keen to explore the second course. The regular weekly commitment is really a useful way for me to make the jumps needed in my learning. 

I am blogging my journey also, as this is a great way for me to be able to revisit the wonderful resources to support us.
I am tagging my posts with te reo, te reo puāwai Māori, and also RTCs. Thanks to everyone who is part of this amazing journey with me. 

Ngā mihi nui

Monday, July 6, 2015

e-teach roadie

What a privilege today to travel with a bunch of passionate educators capturing the MAGIC of learning environments in Christchurch.

Setting of early this morning we headed for Breens Intermediate.  A HUGE thanks to Brian and Nicky for sharing the incredible journey of Breens.  Feeling the passion of the Breens totara tree, the Bold, Brave, Beautiful, Belonging and B journey.  Viewing the spaces, the MAGIC of the siloed classrooms transformed to allow for collaborative practice, talking to the learners, hearing the articulation of the learning journey, viewing the tuakana teina walls, WOW, so much food for thought. 

Travelling to Ao Tawhiti Halswell campus, hearing the story of the four year journey from desimation in the city centre, to isolation so far from the city centre. Hearing the story of the move from an incredibly innovative modern learning space to a temporary (is four years temporary) siloed space.  Hearing of the journey, the change, the challenge... Seeing the spaces, the community involvement, the commitment to holding true to the dream… Walking in the spaces of the learners, feeling the special character, what an incredible privilege. A HUGE thank you to Ian for your incredibly honest, sincere sharing.

Over to Halswell to walk in the very new Modern Learning spaces to experience anew modern learning practices.  A HUGE thank you to Cathy and Gavin, and the amazing year 7/8 tour guides.  We are in awe of the ‘heart’ of our tour guides, sharing the journey, their views, answering our questions, explaining spaces and options.  After a four year challenge, what MAGIC to see the Halswell staff in spaces so richly deserved.  What a privilege to talk with the teachers and learners about the journey, the challenges, the work load and the rewards…

 Well, here I am in the air, heading home from an incredible day - #eteachroadie

Time to capture some of my greatest takeaways from the day:
·      The passion, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the leaders is palpable;
·      The WHO comes first – WHO are our learners?
·      The WHY is a very close second – “why are we…” must be articulated and owned by all;
·      The journey is ongoing;
·      It is not easy but it is definitely worth it;
·      Core, identified, undisputed ‘non-negotiables’ are fundamental to hold it all together;
·      Modern Learning Practice is insurmountably more than spaces… it is owned, lived, breathed, passion for collaborative practices, agency, self direction, and striving for fulfillment;
·      Noise matters, no matter the oldest building or the acoustically engineered building, noise matters and learners  contribute to the ownership of the ‘volume’ – use of ‘stealth’ voice is a very clever trick;
·      ‘Educators’ can be almost invisible in learning spaces;
·      Ako, tuakana, teina concepts significantly contribute to the success of learning journeys;
·      There is no place for complacency;
·      Flexible, agile spaces are crucial;
·      SPACE does matter, it allows for and embraces collaboration and celebration of the learning journey;
·      Learning from and embracing the past and looking to the future is crucial;
·      NEVER give up, NEVER take your eye of the prize, the goal, whatever it is for your learners;
·      The Christchurch journey is ongoing!  The innovation, resilience, fortitude is evident, as are the scars… physical and emotional;
·      The learners coming into our primary system in Christchurch do not know a time without ‘the earthquake’ cloud;
·      The generosity of educators to welcome us into their ‘learning homes’ must be acknowledged and celebrated;
·      The conversations must continue;
So as the sun sets on a MAGIC day, I anticipate unpacking our day further with our wonderful team of educators. 

Arohanui Christchurch…

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The power of feedback and feedforward...

As I journey, I am increasingly aware of the need to capture some feedback for my own inquiry.

As a team of facilitators we support each other, challenge each other, and are able to give specific feedback and feedforward to support our journeys.I live a mantra of: “if you learn, teach; if you get, give!” This has always shaped my way of being and I am happiest when I am learning, sharing, interacting, supporting and socialising. Yes, it comes as no surprise that I love socialising. I am extremely positive and just today, facebook shared a post with me that is worth celebrating… “NEVER apologise for enthusiasm”. Often I am challenged on my overuse of the word MAGIC and my rose tinted glasses. Sometimes, just sometimes, this really dents me. It makes me sad that I should repress what I am feeling, should change my language and my sharing, for the sake of others…. So, gladly, I repost this quote. I am unashamedly, unabashedly optimistic, enthusiastic, positive and extremely hopeful.

The Optimism RevolutionIncreasingly I am aware of the basic human need of recognition, affirmation, acknowledgement. I have worked with teachers over the past couple of weeks that make my heart sing, they give the most incredible feeling of joy, and hope for our learners. They have profoundly good teaching pedagogy, and they are pushing boundaries to ensure that their learners have agency, autonomy, access to learning challenges to address their experiences and challenge them. My role as a facilitator is first and foremost to hold a mirror to this practice, to allow the educators to share their stories and see the MAGIC in their journeys. Most especially, my role is to allow educators the time to talk… just talk. Sharing their story and having a willing listener is a rare privilege in our busy world. As I listen I am privileged to ask, provoke, dig deeper and empower the educator to reflect aloud on their journey. As we increasingly move to recording progress and journey, through the MAGIC of Storyhui, we can capture rare and precious insights. How do we use these as evidence? How do we unpack our story? How do we make sense of the changes within our learners; our programmes; and MOST importantly within ourselves? I see spirals of inquiry as the KEY. Inquiring, reflecting, gathering evidence, holding the mirror to our journey, our story. 
At times I work with educators who are challenged with circumstances beyond my belief, be it: temporary learning spaces, uncertain futures, facing mergers, unreliable or limited technology… Our Learning with Digital Technologies contract is rich with hope, opportunities and possibilities. Increasingly clustering for PLD is our reality. Opportunities for sharing, networking, collaborating and travelling a path together are plentiful. For years I have felt I am channeling Derek Wenmoth when I begin to talk of Ubiquity, Agency and Connectedness. Increasingly I see these as our mainstay in transformative practice. If our learning environments allow for ubiquitous access to our learning journey, anytime, anywhere, by our learners and community we have the potential to be transformative. If we have agency in our programmes, genuine agency, choice, based on our learners current reality, passions and needs, we have the potential to be transformative. If we have a learning environment that allows for connection with an authentic audience, colleagues, whanau, local and global communities, we have the potential to be transformative. Throw in a HUGE dollop of growth mindset and a whole lot of fun and MAGIC is possible. I guess it is unspoken that learner feedback and feedforward is a crucial component in any transformative environment. 
The feedback and feedforward I have received over the past week has shaped me and challenged me to go further… way further than I would without the power of someone holding a mirror to my practice. 
I acknowledge and celebrate all who take the time to give feedback. When you are up, feedback takes you higher, when you are struggling, feedback can help you find your wings, when you are down, feedback may well be the difference between you getting up or sinking. What is it that holds you back from giving feedback?  What is it that helps you give feedback?What is it that holds you back from giving feedback? 
What is it that helps you give feedback?

I know how wonderful I feel when I receive unexpected and surprising feedback. 
I know how wonderful I feel when I ask for feedback and critiquing of my facilitation.I know how wonderful I feel when I give feedback...                     

Imagine the difference we can make....

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Topic 1.5 He tangata ngākau māhaki

Offering praise
Kāore i te pai  ->    He pai   ->  He tino pai   ->  He pai rawa atu

Kei runga noa atu koe!
You’re the best
Kino kē koe
Kei reira katoa
Awesome, right on

Kīwaha Whakamihi Whakamihi (Praising)
You’re very good! He tino pai hoki koe!
Awesome! Ka rawe!
You’ve done a good job! He tino pai tō mahi.
That’s beautiful! Te ātaahua hoki!
What a clever child you are!
Kātahi nā te tamaiti mōhio, ko koe!
You’re the best! Kei runga noa atu koe!
That’s amazing! Ka mau te wehi!
What an excellent job! Kei whea kē mai te pai o te mahi nei!
You look beautiful! He ātaahua hoki koe!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Topic 1.4: Kei hea koe?

Understand & use common examples to communicate about location
Kei te kura - I’m at school
Kei raro ahau... - I’m under
Kei runga ahau… - I’m above
Kei mua ahau… - In front of
Kei roto au… - I’m inside
Kei roto au i te wharepaku - I’m in the toilet
Kei roto i te akomanga ahau - I’m outside the classroom
Kei hea a Anne? a for name...
Kei hea te tama? te or nga for objects…

My recording for this week...
Kei hea a Anne? Where is Anne?
Kei te hukapapa a Anne Anne Is outside in the snow
Kei te makairiri ia She is cold
Kei hea a Anne? Where is Anne?
Kei roto i te akomanga ia. She is in the classroom
Kei hea a Anne? Where is Anne
Kei runga i ngā toka a Anne. Anne is on the rocks
Kei hea a Anne? Where is Anne
Kei te puke ia. She is up the hill.
Kei hea a Anne? Where is Anne
Kei te taunga rererangi ia She is at the airport.
Kei te hari ia. She is happy.
Kei te haere ia ki tōna whānau
She is going home to be with her family.

Click to see my Adobe Voice recording...

Kia ora Gemma for all of your fabulous support!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

VPLD hui Day two...

WOW, day two already!
I am still totally buzzing from our day yesterday!  The power of our stories continues to inspire and motivate us to more.

Transformative practice - More than meets the eye:
My Story: MLE/MLP: - Tamara Yuill-Proctor

Ignite: MLE/MLP:- Paul Sadler:
What comes first - the chicken or the egg?   Modern Learning Environments (MLE) or Modern Learning Pedagogy (MLP)?

Inspire: MLE/MLP: - Vicki Hagenaars and Cyndi Kruijer - Sharing our experiences

Inspire: Together we can make shift happen - a transformative collaboration activity.  www.storyhui.org

All too soon, the two days are coming to an end... Time to reflect!!! Poroporoaki...

Powerful words from Greg - what is seen here with the sharing is as good as it gets...

VPLD hui 2015 Day 1 Tweets storified...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

VPLD hui 2015 - Our Stories - with a focus on Collaboration and Connection, MLE/MLP, Student Agency

Our Stories - with a focus on Collaboration and Connection, MLE/MLP, Student Agency

Oh the MAGIC of reconnecting with friends and meeting new friends.  Here we are in amongst the first session of the first day.  So many people to connect with, so many stories to hear!

The buzz of reconnecting was palpable.  MAGIC indeed!

After a welcome by the team we had the opportunity to go and meet someone new and share a personal connection!

Whatʻs our VPLD whakapapa?
We were gifted a kete of kupu, and the opportunity was for us to see opportunities to organise the kupu. We had many reo kupu that we had to using an online dictionary to translate, then we used the dictionary to translate the other words into reo kupu. We saw the words as interwoven...

Opportunities for educators to connect and share online:



Starting with the WHY of connecting and collaborating... 

Getting connected in our VPLD journey!

Questions to start or continue the journey:
What are you already doing to connect and collaborate with your students?
What are your next steps?
What are your student's next steps?
What support do you need?
What questions do you have?

Student Agency - Itʻs not about me:
My Story with Charlotte French: Secondary school example from experience with NCEA student agency at St Orans College
Involving the learners, structure allowing to share their voice, agency, understanding.

Making thinking visible
Is the power in us taking our hands off?
Wow - powerful learning from Charlotte French - Link presentation

Ignite with TH Biddle: ePortfolios with Māori students at Maeroa Intermediate
Wow - just wow - what an incredilby powerful journey

Inspire with Kyra Leatuafi and Nicola Stevenson. Why, how and what we do to develop learner orientation/student agency at our primary schools.

Moving from a journey of one teacher, to three teachers in a space, to involving the learners and having 80 learners in the space. WOW - powerful journey
Actively involving the learners in writing weekly goals and reflecting on these goals.
Allowing the learners to drive their learning journey, aligned with interest and passions..
Choice of sharing the learning...
Involve the learners in the UDL principles - children reflect on how they are going...
Involving the learners in active opportunities for learning...
What's in your backyard?


Agency - how?
Let go - of control;
Embrace the messiness; 
Grow together;
Side by side journey;
Explicit open dialogue;
Validating the journey;
Modelling growth mindset;
Changing OUR practice;
Reflect on our teaching and learning;
Developing relational trust;
Out of chaos comes something quite MAGICAL;
Freedom to explore;
Pushing through the pain barriers;
Must be planned for and explicitly taught, and embraced;

What evidence are we basing this on - how can we capture evidence?
How do we harness the power of the student voice?
How do we empower our learners to demand agency?

World CAFE - the power of listening - going deeper into the learning... provocations, challenges, unpacking the journey around the question.... What will school be like in 2020?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Auckland Bound...

No matter how often I fly I will never tire of the view of the sunrise.  There is something incredibly MAGICAL about flying into a sunrise.  Today is no exception.  The pain of the 5am alarm dims as I enjoy the smooth flight and stunning view. 
Heading to Auckland for an incredible learning journey.  Today I have the incredible privilege and pleasure of spending time with Caroline at the new Ormiston Primary School.  I am incredible excited to explore the exciting journey that is a new school. 
Thursday and Friday I am at our VPLD hui, which is an incredible opportunity to meet face to face mentors and mentees from across the country.  As we share our stories, surface our challenges and successes we are privileged to grow in our roles. 
Again, what I am most looking forward to is the people, the stories and the interactions.  Face to face opportunities allow us to get alongside our colleagues.  The incidental learning and growing when we are in the same room always astounds me. I reflect on the MAGIC of online connecting and learning, but always come back to the real MAGIC, the MAGIC of face to face.  This allows us to take the future online connections further, as our relationships develop.

Bring on the MAGIC…